A documentary about love /
Being moms just like other moms
by Pablo Suárez
for the Herald 

(…) above all, this is a most touching, heartfelt and genuine story about love. Be it the love Mario and Mónica feel for each other, be it the love and enjoyment Mónica derives from motherhood, be it the love of all the other mothers on wheelchairs whose experiences are similar to that of Mónica. Love as the one and only antidote against adversity and extreme hardships. "Madres con ruedas" cannot be said to break new ground in terms of film form. As a matter of fact, it doesn´t need to. For here the real value lies in being able to cast a humane, emphatic and intelligent gaze on the issue. It’s the film tone what really matters, and Mario Piazza and Mónica Chirife got it just right. With a healing sense of humour (the fast-forward scene with Mónica on her wheelchair speeding up is a knockout), avoiding common place and deploying admirable common sense, Mario and Mónica depict many facets of a complex reality skillfully intertwining their own reflections as film narrators with the testimonies of friends and neighbours, sons and daughters.
This is a film that poses uneasy questions and never goes for easy answers. It boasts a most commendable sense of moral honesty and calls for rigorous reflection on the state of things.
And yet, it is never pompous, self indulgent, or patronizing.
It tells things like they are, lays the bare facts, and then examines the diverse facets of the question. It’s about understanding and equally important, about loving care. Unapologetically personal, largely transcending personal anecdote and probing human nature, "Madres con ruedas" is a remarkably uplifting, luminous and serene film about, of all subjects, love.

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